Heather Alexander Editorial

"Editors are the unsung heroes who make books happen, and Heather made it happen for Nerve and Charisma. Her publishing savvy, craft expertise, and kind-but-firm feedback were instrumental in getting my stories onto shelves."

— Jeanne Ryan, author of New York Times best seller Nerve


"Heather is a master of the big picture. Her ability to see what a book needs on a macro level—whether it's character development, an additional plotline, or a place you need to cut back—is beyond impressive. I thank my lucky stars for the day I met her."

— Jilly Gagnon, author of #famous


"Heather was an incredibly calm coach. She kept me focused on big goals and helped shape my newest book into something fantastic. This is why I will be dedicating that book to her and my Scholastic team, both of whom guided and nurtured the concept along, making it stronger and stronger at each step. Her input, confidence and guidance was invaluable. And she has an amazing hairdo. I wish we could trade hair for one week."

— Darren Farrell, author and illustrator of Thank You, Octopus and Stop Following Me, Moon!


"Heather was the editor for my debut picture book as author/illustrator, and we have worked together on many other projects. She is fun to work with, has a keen eye for plot flaws and makes precise remarks while allowing you to be yourself creatively. Her many years of experience as editor and agent, combined with her passion for editing and knowledge of the industry, make Heather one of the best allies a writer can ask for." 

— Vin Vogel, author and illustrator of The Thing About Yetis


"I had an amazing experience working with Heather. She let me be me; she trusted me with my ideas and writing style. She never imposed her ideas but helped me improve mine. Eventually Heather helped me get my very first book deal, a three book contract!"

— A.N. Kang, author and illustrator of The Very Fluffy Kitty Papillon