Heather Alexander Editorial

What do I get for an intensive edit?
I will send you your manuscript marked up with my notes, as well as a multi-page editorial letter. For novels, after I send it back to you, we can schedule a phone call or Skype meeting to discuss things that need further hashing out (within the week).

What is the turnaround time on a manuscript?
It depends on my schedule, of course. I’ll be happy to discuss a reasonable time frame with you.

Does an edit include a second reading after I revise? 
The fee for the first edit does not include a second read, however, I will happily discuss a fair rate to re-read your work!

Does an edit include notes on my query and synopsis too? 
No, but I do offer those separately.

I will edit your manuscript in the same way I did for my authors at Penguin and Pippin. This does not, however, guarantee publication or that an agent will take you on. Once I send you notes, the rest is up to you. If something strikes me, I may recommend it to an agent or editor, but cannot offer recommendations on who to query.